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Website Maintenance Cost India

Website maintenance cost per month in IndiaWebsite updation charges need not be high. It is easier to hand over the amc or website maintenance to professionals rather than break your head with the technological nitty gritties of maintaining a website.

We have flexible packages for monthly and yearly maintainance of websites that don't cost you much. We even have a once-in-while website maintenance package wherein you only pay when you do updates, thus controlling website maintenance charges. Additionally, if you have an important function that your website plays in the life of your client like ecommerce websites, we offer website maintenance packages for the smooth functioning of your site and to keep you on top of the search engines at a reasonable cost. Wordpress website maintenance cost in india is tough as more and more hacking is taking place. It would be better to take monthly backups and migrate as soon as you can.

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Web Promotions involves a lot of dedicated work over a long period of time. Continuous work is required on your website to enable it maintain its top rank in the search engines and keep giving you business all through the year. This SEO maintainance program too comes at cheap website maintenance rates.

Website Maintenance Packages / Prices

To encourage more an more small businesses to run their business, Concern Infotech offers website updation charges that begin from as low as Rs/- 5000 per month. The idea is focus on growth and as you grow and your business the website maintenance packages grow. Website maintenance charges in india are many times so high that startups and small businesses are left hopeless. WE hope to regulate the website maintenance cost in india by reducing website amc charges to the minimum.

In fact when we creae a website for a client, we include a free web maintenance for a period of one year. It is in the early days that you need to do more updations and changes that are very small in nature and no one is willing to take up the job. In line with the same problem we also take up maintenance for people who need very little changes but dont now where to go. For them we charge only by the hour. We have many happy clients of that type.

We also have web site maintenance packages for a regular web maintenance updation plan that we provide to people who already own a website but want some professional maintenance of their website on a monthly basis.

Our website maintenance charges include maintaining your existing webpages, adding any new pages or information that you may need to add from time to time. The above web site maintenance cost may be increased if the volume of work is far too much to come under maintenance and update of a website. In such cases the web site maintenance cost/fee will go up and our portal maintenance prices will be calculated by the man-hours spent in updating such a website. We give you the option of a fixed web maintenance cost in a Portal Maintenance Contract too.

Best website maintenance cost per month in India

Website Maintenance Monthly Maintenance: Rs.5000 + Service Taxes 18% per Month
Team Allotted Web Designer, Web Programmer
Scheduled Time 5 Hours per Month
Work Content Updating (News, Notification, Cartoons, Images), Html page (up to 10 pages)
Payment Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Yearly
Backup Every Month

Maintenance can be customised as per customer requirement. And the cost will vary accordingly.

Our Website Maintenance Services Includes:

  • Making the homepage fresh for returning customers

  • Creating new pages to the website

  • Enhancing pages of the website for search engines

  • Revising the products pages with latest products

  • Accumulating new vibrant features to the website

  • Text rewriting and expansions, Updates to calendar or events

  • Adding news bulletin or upcoming events, pictures, visuals, graphs and charts

  • Website renovations and alterations

  • Tallying new collaborative components on the website

  • Search Engine Optimization to improve your site's appearance in search engines

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Types of Website Maintenance

Types Frequency
Domain Yearly
Hosting Yearly
Server Backup Daily/Weekly/Monthly
Emails Regular Updates
Content Regular Updates
SEO Daily

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Ecommerce updates (50 hrs)
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