Why updating your website in 2023 is a must!

Developing a website for all your business is essential. And you must have been very relieved and proud that you have put up a website for your business. However keeping it up to date with all the information is very significant to acquire client's trust. Read More

Google Algorithm Updates 2020

Google’s algorithm is a very complex system used to show search results. It uses a combination of algorithms and other ranking signals to deliver websites ranked by relevance on its search engine results pages (SERPs). Read More

Importance of content Before Web designing

Content strategy always keeps the website anchored to meet visitors’ needs and the business’ goals. If the content isn’t ready before the design process starts, it will tough to take the next step. Since designers will face difficulty in taking decisions about what content to present, how to present it, and give weight to what is important. Read More

How website design can bring new business?

Creating a website with a good design not only makes your business or brand look great, but also provides several benefits if they are used properly. One among them is that it could help them position business carefully among competitors, increase prominence, improve customer satisfaction, and introduce new service and products. Read More

Latest Web Design Trends

Website design and development trends changes every year, and it's important for designers to stay up to date without having an outdated website. The major trends in web design are simplicity and responsive design. We should think about it in terms of user experience rather than the actual style of design as far as website design is concerned. Style of design is fairly irrelevant because it is quite subjective and there's no right or wrong answer there. Read More

How Joomla Works Tutorial?

Joomla is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) which can be divided into two parts as Open Source and Content Management System. Open source is a concept that basically involves allowing a community to develop and improve a piece of software. The Joomla community do what they do to make the web a better place.Read More

Free Digital Marketing Course

To make diwali extra special, from today get a chance to learn digital marketing course at free of cost from chennai's one of the leading SEO company blog weekly.Read More

About Wordpress

WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL and it is the one of the most popular blogging system used on the web with more than 60 million websites. When the head of Google's web spam team says that WordPress is a great choice, taking care of 80-90% of the mechanics of search engine optimization for the Websites.Read More

New Webdesign for Finance Website

Concern InfoTech has re-designed the website Credit Mela to provide information on Loans. It Consists of Credit Loans, Student Loans, Home Loans and Personal Loans for different place like India, UK and USA. We are pleased to work for this website where everyone can easily find information about Loans for their personal needs. Read More

New Webdesign for Hyundai Vinayak Cars Website

Concern InfoTech has designed the website for Vinayak Motors. Vinayak Motors is one of the best Hyundai Car dealers in Chennai. They provide Finance and Insurance facilities and offer Loans opportunities. Read More

Website for Mobile Phones

Responsive web design brings down the web world in mobile. Technically various factors of a web design have to be looked into for successful Responsive Web Design. This is where Responsive Web Design comes into the picture. It is a fact that the mobile internet traffic has gone over the roof. Read More