How website design can bring new business?

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Creating a website with a good design not only makes your business or brand look great, but also provides several benefits if they are used properly. One among them is that it could help them position business carefully among competitors, increase prominence, improve customer satisfaction, and introduce new service and products.

Get a good design

Let’s see some of the key areas, which can improve your site’s design, thereby enabling increased conversion rate and ultimately sales. The first aspect is about the placement of Call-to-Action above the fold. You might ask ‘why?’ each page of your website should have an appealing and attractive call-to-action button or form. Offering freebies are the easiest way to attract the customer’s eye.

Be Creative

Another important aspect of any good website is colourful and catchy headlines. It is said that on an average, around 55 per cent of the users remain on a page not more than 15 seconds. In order to reduce the bounce rate, you must be creative, simple and must have a catchy title or headline. Besides, website background with poppy colours along with menu location that jells with your design scheme can create a great impact.

Visuals are important

The only other thing that holds a person’s attention rather than text is the visuals. Photographs, graphics and videos can drag the user and increase the conversion rate. Many experts in the field of media feel videos are powerful enough to retain the interest of the users. Videos showcasing, a product tour, service offered can have instant effort on the target audience. These videos can run around 45-60 seconds.

Content is the Key

Regardless of the graphics, videos and attractive colours, high quality content is always crucial for the success of any website, thereby allowing them to retain users and have a high ranking on search engines. Though the design and presentation of the website is essential in making a good first impression, the content of the website is what will keep users coming back. That’s the reason why top search engines like Google gives serious importance, when it comes to the content of a website. If the website does not have enough quality content, then simply it won’t rank highly within the search results. Remember, Google never ever looks at the design or presentation of the website, so take care when it about content. Because, the content is always the king.