Mobile friendly Websites

The need for a website catering to mobile phones is very much in demand. Since mobile phones are the in thing, friendly browsing needs to be incorporated in them. In these times, it is not possible to live in a world devoid of mobiles; they have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Responsive Web Design is the solution for browsing big time on phones. Mobile internet traffic amounts for more than half of the total internet traffic. Due to this reason it is necessary for almost every site to be mobile friendly or responsive as the techies call it.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach to web design aimed at crafting websites making them easily viewable in mobile devices across the scene! Optimal viewing and the interaction experience are the two most important things looked into. There are various parameters that need to be taken into account for preparing a website to be mobile phones friendly. It is a design focussed on bringing the World Wide Web closer to mobile users and make their experience better. Mobile users! Gear yourself for a sensitive and pleasing experience of the web world. Responsive Web Design is basically weaving the web world for the mobile web platform by giving the users an enriching experience. Without it the mobile world would be drab and boring with readability issues. To keep the mobile web world very much in the race, this technique is an important aspect of the web viewing.

Desktop and mobile viewing difference!

Responsive web design brings down the web world in mobile. Technically various factors of a web design have to be looked into for successful Responsive Web Design. Nearly all the search engines, especially Google, ranks Responsive Web Design ahead than any other criteria for the success of a web site. Since much of the traffic is caused by mobile internet. Web sites for the normal view on a desktop cannot be easily viewed on a mobile. It is necessary to release a mobile version of it. This is where Responsive Web Design comes into the picture. It is a fact that the mobile internet traffic has gone over the roof.

There is not much difference between a normal web page and mobile viewing with the exception that the website is optimised for readability and ease of use. In the process of Responsive Web Designing, a web site is tailor made for mobile specifications.