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What are Video Advertisements?

Video advertisement is a visual display of products, services, etc offered by the company or organisation in a graphical format. Such a pictorial display brings an exciting way to reach and engage the clients and audience through various platforms like television, web and other social media.

How video advertisements helps business?

Video advertisement is a powerful strategy which suits all kinds of businesses. It is a good tool for converting interest into sales and services, whether it is your website, facebook, youtube channel, whatsapp or newletter. Not only it’s a kind of marketing for increasing sales and brand recognition, it’s also one of the most preferred by clients and customers.

Here are some of the important benefits of video advertising:-

  • Customers enjoy watching videos. The statistical data prove that the target audience is watching the video more than other forms of advertising. It is reported that 80 percent of B2B prospects consume online video, billion of videos are watched on YouTube every day and about one-third of shoppers will purchase a product after viewing a video ad.
  • Video ads can convert sales. Top companies in online market mention that video ad of a product description increases the chances of a person to buy or subscribe the item by up to 35 – 50 per cent.
  • People share videos frequently. When people find videos interesting and informative,they share it with their followers on social media. This phenomenon can increase video’s exposure.
  • Video ads do spread through mobile users. The number of people watching videos on mobile devices continues its upward climb. Videos ads with a duration of 30 Seconds are distributed in mobile and are watched throughout the same isn’t true for computer.

How we can help you?

We are one of the upcoming names in IT industry by executing a wide range of Video Advertising services. Videos are executed with advanced techniques in sync with the latest technology. In order to fulfil the specific qualities and necessities of our clients and customers, the services can be availed through various platforms. Besides, we also edit videos for sales promotion.

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