Website Redesign

Website Redesigning Website Redesign means the redesigning of the website with the latest designing trends and technologies based on the requirements. Website Redesign ensures your new website is made with marketing in mind.

When creating Website redesign - user interfaces, ease of use, colour, mobile friendly design is more important.

A Website redesign can be a huge success and sometimes it could fail miserably as well, if you haven't thought about your goals, or even considered why you're doing a redesign, We offer a complete guide on planning your website redesign.

We convert Flash file to HTML 5.

Flash to HTML 5

A user viewing a website with observes that something is moving on it, which is nothing but Flash Content. Websites with a Flash content gives it good quality of visual effect. Containers are used to store the interactive content, which turn into Flash Player in browsers with use of Plug-in. Being a platform independent the Flash content in the containers do not change from one platform to another. Hence the user can experience the same whether a website is viewed in a PC or a Mobile.

HTML 5 has complete different move, to create an interactive content it uses code. The elements in this code are not already made or specially created in an exact form and stored, but their characteristics are coded and the browser moves on with the content when to page loads. When accessed from different browsers this HTML5 page looks different. HTML5 proves to be a boon for web designers who want to created different versions for different platforms and curse for those who want to make their website look same on all devices.

The longevity of a Flash can translate the actual content into a large source pool and much larger to exchange the ideas. Here HTML5 is comparatively a new technology; hence its capability is limited at this point, it is likely to change even if the no of adopters grows quickly.

The user can expect a technology which is just some years old to catch up and go beyond a technology which is being used for nearly two decades. Hence HTML5 content plays well with Flash content.

  • The new technologies usually created are bound to be more effective than the technologies aim to replace.

  • The amount of processing time required by a browser to move on for a HTML5 based page is lesser than the processing time required by Flash Content.

  • Point 2 is one of the strongest point considering that a user uses a smart phone or tablet for using Internet, than the devices which have limited performance.

  • In previous days designers created different website versions for different websites, i.e. if a user uses PC then he can view it in one version and while in a mobile phone different version.

  • Flash was limited and completely missing, HTML5 can solve this by being lighter on the resources.

  • HTML5 gives designers an easy way to create different variations of their websites for good performance on various platforms used to access a website.

The Aim of our Website redesign services include:

  • Cleaner, simpler, more modern design

  • More consistency across the site

  • Better use of images1 and video

  • Better compatibility with mobile devices

  • Easy to navigate

  • To look website More professional

  • To retain your existing visitors and create new visitors

Outcome of our Website Redesigning:

We will give the new structure and quality to your website to reflect the high-end quality of your business.

Our web redesign services are quite attractive to retain your existing customers and capture your future prospects.

A common approach is that only the websites built poorly need to be redesigned. In reality, most well designed websites too needs to avail website redesigning services. This frequent change is useful to provide a good user experience. This is the reason why many successful companies consult us for website redesign services to update their websites.