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Concern Infotech has been focusing in customized software solution. These days small companies are indeed in need of customized software to manage their HR department and employee management. They are unable to shell out monthly payment for multifeatured system most of which is useless to them. Just pay for what you need and pay just once. Our packages start from Rs.25 thousand only. We have installed successfully such software for various companies in Chennai.

We have made an HR software solution and employee management system that we call the PMS - Performance Management System, which allows the management to easily follow their employee's attendance, work and performance. We have also added useful features like Email, Appraisal, work allotments. The unique feature of this system is that it allows the management to communicate effectively with its employees and to track their work and to track work hours for projects.

For a bit of comaraderie, we even made a feature that makes employees aware of their colleagues birthdays. We made the system very much useful for the management. Our HR solution is indeed a most suitable software which fits so well with any organisation and is also easy to use. The good news is that you can add some features to it as er your requirement for some minimum charges.

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Features of Perfomance Management System Software

Performance Management System software contains separate employee and hr login access pages. Each employee will get a separate username and password to access their account. The employee profile page contains the following features,

Employee Features

  • Employee Name, ID, Designation, Mobile Number and Address.

  • Submitting in and out time option with date.

  • Employees can update their work report with project details, work details and work timings.

  • Feedback and points will be given to the employees, depending upon employee's performance.

  • In the Information Sharing section, employees can share their knowledge and new updates regarding projects with other employees.

  • Separate circular option, where employees will receive the common announcement and new rules of announced by the management.

  • Employees can check their attendance and work report of the current month and the previous month.

HR Features

The HR will get a separate admin end to access his account. The HR Admin page contains following features,

  • Employee details - HR can keep the complete list of employees working in the company. You can add or delete or update the employee information easily.

  • Information of all teams like project manager, team leader and individual employees under various heads.

  • HR can monitor work and attendance reports of employees easily.

  • HR can give a separate message or common notification through circular option.

  • HR can allot works, targets and deadlines to employees in allotted works section

  • HR can give feedbacks and points to any employee depending upon their work performance and attendance.

  • Calculate pace and speed of work of individual employees.

  • Above performance parameters to influence appraisals.

Accounting Features

  • Accounts can calculate the hours spent on individual projects to calculate billing.

  • Control man-hours spent as per project cost.

  • Estimate proper man-hour requirements for similar projects in the future.