IT Jobs In Chennai

A career with Concern Infotech can be very rewarding and promising as it is a growing company. Your contribution to the company will be better appreciated and rewarded. If you have the skills we will hon it for you. Our work schedule gives you ample breathing space and time to live your life along with a great and satisfying career.

React Native Mongodb Profile App Developer

  • Design and develop complex and interaction heavy web applications in React that utilize RESTful APIs for backend

  • Incorporate responsive elements to design so that application may be used on mobiles

  • Create and maintain modular UI templates and components with high reusability

  • Maintain and refactor existing web applications

  • Suggest improvements to RESTful APIs that will help achieve a better user experience

  • Maintain multiple versions of the front end

  • Test and debug own code

  • Document UI components and applications

 Required Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree

  • 3 - 5 years experience in creating web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • 2 - 3 years experience in React.js

  • Experience with React Native for mobile application

  • Experience in setting up NodeJS servers or express.js servers

  • Strong experience with web UI frameworks such as Bootstrap, Semantic UI and Material UI

  • Experience in working with RESTful APIs

  • Knowledge of Unix commands and SSH

  • Knowledge of using version control with Git

  • Ability to work independently and on multiple projects

Location: Chennai

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