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Those days are far gone when the arena of mobile applications was limited to a few games and simple tasks. Mobile technology has taken a quantum leap with a sea of mobile apps fetching the best for us. Mobile technology is an integral part of human everyday life. Our world is abuzz with technological innovations, especially mobile related.

Mobile Application is an area that has evolved over the recent years making technological innovations useful in practical life. “The idea of a Mobile phone” in this era has crossed the barriers of text messages and simple call making. Various other features are tagged to this gadget improving the quality of life.

The growth of mobile phone has accelerated with the intense requirement to access information anytime and anywhere that too at great speeds. People no longer have the patience to wait for websites to load, they want an app that opens instantly and is easy to read and view items in.

To meet this demand mobile application development has sky rocketed. It is not a small world anymore. These innovative mobile applications are not only meant for information gathering for housewives, moms, students and kids but also for them to stay connected with family and friends.

App Development (Sample)

Android App

Apple ios App

Windows App

What is Mobile App Development?

To put it simply mobile apps are internet applications run on a smart phone and other mobile devices. These Applications make it easier for the mobile phone user to access internet services commonly accessed on desktops. So if you have repeat visitors you can provide an app to them to ease their usage of what they do commonly on your website. This may be anything like viewing your recent articles and event updates, or view your products or even get appointments if you are a service provider like a hospital or to book any services that you may provide on a regular basis.

These services cater to a broad range of needs ranging from recharging our phone to booking a parlour or spa to taxis to calling a plumber home and other online services. A mobile application can either be a web application or a native application that does not use the web. Concern Infotech is mostly concerned with the web oriented mobile applications for both android phones and IOS. A mobile application can be customised according to the platform it is used in.

There are two aspects of Mobile App development. One is developing new apps for different purposes and the other is developing various angles to the existing apps or giving them a new dimension. A mobile app is basically developed for faster and efficient surfing. It enables a rich result oriented interaction.

Services offered in Mobile App Development

Most times an app has to be built from scratch. Client requirements play an important role in the development of the app. As a good developer we present the version of the app suiting the client requirements. The main aim of the mobile app developers at our end is to make the application result oriented and effective in its approach. Also mobile apps may need to be continuously updated and refined according to changing requirements.

A Mobile App can be developed on various platforms such as :

  • Android Application
  • IOS(Apple users) Application
  • Windows

An unbeaten combo of price and quality is promised. We believe in developing custom solutions considering all the parameters.