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What is Mobile Application?

Mobile App Development Company Chennai Those days are far gone when the arena of mobile applications was limited to a few games and simple tasks. Mobile technology has taken a quantum leap with a sea of mobile apps attractive the best for us.

Now a day, one of the fastest growing technologies is the Mobile phones sector which is becoming more and more popular world-wide, as customers like to use mobile phones with fast loading capability. People no longer have the tolerance to wait for websites to load, they want an app that opens instantly and is easy to read and view items in. It is very important that your business is on your customers fingertips. We are the experts on Mobile app development in Chennai.

Nearly (72%) of customers using mobile apps in their corporate business; it would be a major challenge to work without mobile apps. Mobile App Development is an opportunity to differentiate you from your competitors as it makes you far more accessible at better speeds.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are internet applications run on a smart phone and other mobile devices. Mobile Applications make it easier for the mobile phone users.

For your repeat visitors, you can provide an app to them to ease their usage of what they do commonly on your website.

Mobile apps are right choice to buy products, get appointments, recharge phone, book tickets and other online services without hurdle.

Mobile visitors are task-focused, this means that when a potential consumer visits your website on a mobile device, they are doing so for a specific purpose, such as call you, look for a bit of information, or need to get something from your website that very instant. Making their experience as enjoyable as possible with best mobile apps will greatly benefit you.

What we do in Mobile App Development?

There are two aspects of Mobile App development. One is developing new apps for different purposes and the other is developing various angles to the existing apps or giving them a new dimension.

Client requirements play an important role in the mobile app development. As a good developer we present the version of the app suiting the client requirements. The main aim of the mobile app developers at our end is to make the application result oriented and effective in its approach. Also mobile apps may need to be continuously updated and refined according to changing requirements.

A Mobile App can be developed on various platforms such as:

  • Android Application
  • iOS(Apple users) Application

Best Mobile App Development Company Chennai

Mobile App Development Services Chennai Concern Infotech is mostly concerned with the web oriented mobile applications for both android phones and IOS. Concern Infotech is a one of the best service providers for iPhone and android app development in Chennai.

Concern Infotech has a team of excited and creative mobile app developers in Chennai. We have more than one year of experience in mobile application development in India and are expert in it, having created quite a few interactive apps.

Our experienced UI designers and knowledgeable Mobile App development Company team delivers outstanding Mobile Applications on time with excellent performance that is well-matched with all devices.

We offer customer-dedicated Entertainment apps, Education apps, Travel apps, News apps, and Games apps. These versatile apps can either be Static or Dynamic apps that can run on various platforms built exclusively for our clients and servicing their needs and requirements.

You will never regret hiring our professional IOS and Android App developers in Chennai. Our team will help you out in designing and developing mobile applications for world-wide customers.

Mobile App Development Case Studies

Mobile Application Name: Sociology Guide

Mobile App Download Link:

Mobile App Information: Sociologyguide.com is the sociology study guide provides free sociology notes, definition and more info about sociology for civil service and other sociology students. We have planned to develop a sociology app with all information of sociology. This app contains sociology notes, news, quotes, reference books, articles, theories and more topics on sociology.
How we develop this Mobile Application Successfully:

  • We create this app with “Phone Gap”, built with HTML, CSS and Java Script
  • We developed this hybrid application in the platforms like Android, IOS and Windows
  • Our Mobile App Developers took one month to develop this excellent and advanced application
  • Sociology guide mobile app is downloaded by 25k mobile users from all over the world.

Mobile App Development Info graphics

Average Mobile App Users

Top mobile app developers in chennai Smartphone users today are blowing through more data than ever before. The average smartphone users spend 667 minutes a month using apps. IPhone and Android owners use an average of 15 apps. Blackberry owners use an average of 8 apps.

Top Smartphone Platforms

Google = 31.2%
Apple =24.7%
Palm =3.2%
RIM = 30.14%
Microsoft = 8.0%

Apps Download in India

Android app development company India beats US in 2016 mobile app market growth, sees most Google Play downloads
6 billion Apps downloaded in 2016
3.5 billion Apps downloaded in 2015

Mobile Apps Usage Statistics on 2015:

  • The total number of iOS app downloads from their app store in 2015 – 25 billions
  • The total number of Android app downloads from their app store in 2015 – 50 billions
  • The top app category people spend most times on Social Networking (29% of users), Facebook (21% of users)
  • Total number of Smartphone apps users -78%
  • Total number of tablet app users -77%

Top Mobile App Categories

Social media = 60m
Maps = 40m
Classifieds = 17m
General references = 16m
Online shopping's = 17m

Why People use Mobile App

  1. Money transfer
  2. Location based services
  3. Mobile entertainment and education
  4. Mobile browsing and maps
  5. Mobile recharge
  6. Mobile health monitoring
  7. Near field communication
  8. Mobile advertising
  9. Mobile instant massaging
  10. Mobile Games and music
  11. Jobs searching

Our Mobile App Development Sample

Android App

Apple ios App

Windows App